Progress and Personal Development

The world is not the same today as it was post-WWII. In those days, brute force machines that spewed pollutants drove industrialization to new heights. As men came home from the war and got married or returned to their wives, the baby boom resulted. A wave of nationalism during the Cold War spurred technological innovation. These simple but effective methods that were used to facilitate national growth are relics of the past. They worked for a while, but the strategy was never sustainable. In my opinion, the progress of today will be achieved in almost the opposite manner, through efficiency, intellectual strength, and pursuit of modernity.

In our modern mechanized society and our future brave new world, the potential for an increased intelligence gap is staggering. The leaders and innovators of new technology have an incredible advantage. They have direct input on the shape of the future. They benefit from progress. Conversely, those who do not adapt to progress, but merely consume this new technology without actually understanding how it works, are at a disadvantage. In relative terms, their intelligence diminishes as they become immersed in technology that they do not comprehend. They inevitably fall behind in the face of change and stagnate.

As a student, I am directly in the midst of this intelligence gap, and it is striking in my experience. Trading modesty for objectivity, I would confidently rank myself in the top half of the scale, let’s say “reasonably intelligent”. Based on my observations, I suspect that many college students could not say the same; they’re only there for the parties, because of parental expectations, they’re just burning time after high school, etc. On the other hand, there are many who I suspect are of equal or greater intelligence than myself. Some are probably even genius-level minds, or apex minds, to borrow a term from Stardusk.

While on the subject of apex minds, I want to bring up something from Stardusk’s video Escape Velocity. In the video, he assessed that people of genius-level intelligence have fundamental differences in their brain’s hierarchy of priorities. Specifically, they assign a lesser value to following their reproductive urges than most people. He then suggested that men would benefit from emulating this trait, hence intellectually induced asexuality.

I don’t have any insight into the inner workings of the mind of a genius. However, I agree that it is in the interest of men to understand their reproductive drive in order to put its value in perspective. And of course, people have already talked enough about the actual value vs. perceived value of sex. I don’t feel the need to repeat everything they have said, but I’ll summarize for those who are not familiar. Reproduction is the sole motivator for sex. Even if you are engaging in recreational sex, not to have children, you are still subconsciously motivated by reproduction.  Your body releases oxytocin, endorphins, and other chemicals that make you feel good to reinforce “good behavior”. Additionally, social expectation is a significant motivator for romantic relationships. Society validates people who are successful in relationships and misunderstands or sometimes even ridicules those who are unsuccessful or do not participate in relationships. This social sanctioning amplifies the already powerful biological drive for reproduction. Otherwise, relationships are not as important as they are made out to be.

Now, I’m sure you can relate to this. Every time you turn on the television you see advertisements for dating sites or other relationship-related services. Then there are those that are a bit more to the point. There are tons of commercials for condoms, male enhancement, women’s lingerie, and adult entertainment, all toned down for public view. Granted biology plays a big role in all of this, as I’ve explained before. I’m not denying that sexual gratification is inherent to the human instinct. But when we’re constantly bombarded with sex in all media, even music and literature, the value of sex is greatly inflated. Frankly, it’s no wonder that getting laid is the number one priority for so many people. And if we want a society that is capable of progress, we need people who think first about the future, not about how they can get laid today.

While I was perusing Fakebook, I happened upon an interesting article about the habits of intelligent people. I am admittedly ashamed to cite the kind of low-level, speed-read information sources that thrive on social media, but arguably my work fits into that same category (I chuckle at this, but it is true). So take it with a grain of salt. One of the main points was that intelligent people are more self-disciplined, citing sexual habits as an example. The article claimed that IQ is a good indicator of virginity in adolescents, stating that the likelihood of teen sex is five times greater for individuals with an IQ under 100 compared to individuals with an IQ between 120 and 130. Also, every additional IQ point after that increased the likelihood of virginity by 2.7% in males and 1.7% in females. Finally, their statistics showed that while 87% of all undergraduates have had sex, that number is between 50% and 60% for undergraduates at Harvard, Princeton, and MIT (all of which are considered top 10 Universities, if not top 5).

My analysis of these statistics was that intelligent people do, in fact, assign a lower priority to their reproductive instincts. This is almost intuitive, to be honest. In my experience, people from less educated backgrounds are considerably more preoccupied with sex and relationships than those from more educated backgrounds. It’s textbook stuff, really. We’re all familiar with it, even if we haven’t thought about it much. There is, of course, the argument that they’re all just “unattractive losers who can’t get laid”. We’ll be addressing this later.

Returning to the concept of intellectually induced asexuality: how can we benefit from adopting this characteristic that intelligent people seem to have in common? I would argue that those who adopt this trait have more free time, which can be used for more important things. What you do with your time is completely your choice, now that relationship obligations are excluded. I advocate using the time for self-development, particularly for young people. Things like education, staying informed with the news, building skills that you would like to have, and career advancement. Then there are health pursuits such as working out, learning what foods to eat and how to cook them by yourself instead of eating at greasy restaurants every day. Lastly, there are your leisure activities, whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time.

In my observation, those who pursue and engage in relationships spend a lot of their time doing so. As a result, they don’t invest much time in themselves because they’re too busy chasing sex or companionship. I don’t fault people for doing this, but I suspect that too many people forgo personal development for relationships. And I’m concerned that people don’t even realize this because social expectations override their sense of individuality. I can attest to this from personal experience, but what’s important is that people just open their eyes to this and see for themselves.


One of the favorite social media memes is that a woman will solve all your problems. She will love you and support you and all those sentimental things. But while you are wining and dining her, consider who is providing for whom. Is she advancing your career, or are your relationship duties holding you back? Is she beneficial or detrimental to your psychological health? Is she putting good quality food on the table or are you buying her dinner? Is she paying the bills, or going shopping with your money? Is she doing anything that tangibly improves your life? Chances are that she is not. It’s not that she is responsible for that, just as you are not responsible for buying her shoes and jewelry. But if it’s always about her, when do you get a turn? In bed? Do you consider that to be commensurate compensation?

Again, this is especially important for young people who are still building a life for themselves. This doesn’t really apply if your life is already established in a satisfactory manner, though I would still propose that non-reproductive relationships are frivolous. I’m not even prescribing anything here. Your time is your own, I’m just saying this for the benefit of people who have never thought about this before. There’s not much sense in entering into a relationship that is fundamentally reproductive in nature if you are not mentally and financially prepared to provide a quality life for the child. Even if you take children out of the equation, if you are not satisfied with the life you have now, engaging in a relationship will not change that, and everything you want to accomplish will now take ten times as long. If you don’t care about any of these things, then I don’t care; go on with your life. But by doing so, you are following the whims of emotion rather than tangible reasoning.

Now, when people say that men going their own way are nothing but a bunch of bitter, nihilistic, misogynistic, unattractive losers who can’t get laid, I look at the past. Some of the greatest minds in recent history, such as Beethoven, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, and Isaac Newton never married nor had children. They were men who went their own way in the true sense. That is, they lived independently of cultural expectation. And with that free time and that drive for personal achievement, they became geniuses in the fields of music, science, art, and mathematics. Were they all bitter, nihilistic, misogynistic, unattractive losers who couldn’t get laid? I don’t know, maybe they were. But what matters is that they achieved greatness outside of relationships. They were passionate about something other than women, and the world is a better place for it. Their legacy far outlived any relationship or children that they might have had otherwise.

We can’t all be geniuses in the arts and sciences, of course, but men should still consider developing their interests outside of relationships. Yes, you should develop your personal interests. Not your girlfriend’s interests, not your wife’s interests, your interests. Surely you have more interests than sex. The whole notion that a man thinks with his dick is insulting. So instead of feigning interest in what women like just to be around them, have some dignity and do something that you actually want to do. If you get labeled as a bitter, nihilistic, misogynistic, unattractive loser who can’t get laid because you aren’t following the norm, so be it. You don’t have to justify your life to anybody, especially the political label makers.

On a final note, I do think we should all be globally aware in our endeavors outside of relationships. That is, we should act in the interests of humanity when possible. Yes, even women. Believe it or not, women, male ingenuity will ultimately benefit you more than all government social justice programs combined. And certainly more than a diamond ring or a new pair of shoes or a BMW. Going back to the topic of the widening intelligence gap. While I believe it to be in the best interests of humanity to close that gap, it’s just not realistic. But on an individual basis, we can encourage people to raise the bar and stay in that top half. Again, this is not your grandfather’s or great-grandfather’s generation. Brute force and popping out babies just isn’t enough anymore. Intellectual advancement, not chasing sex, will lead to progress. You have to be efficient with your time and effort. If you want to be able to benefit from that progress, you cannot forgo your own personal development in favor of relationships.



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